NEOPIXEL RGB bluetooth controller (ADD-ON OPTION)
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NEOPIXEL RGB bluetooth controller (ADD-ON OPTION)


This is a special controller used for our RGB Chasing Neopixel Halos, RGB Neopixel LED strips and RGB demon eyes. It includes a power supply, a bluetooth receiver and the wire splitters for your halos, demon eyes and led strips. Its a super simple install which only requires a single Power and Ground hook up. We recommmend going to a switched source or using a toggle switch to fully turn off the Controller when walking away from the vehicle. 

The RGB Neopixel Control System can power up to 4 pairs (8 total) or more of Neopixel RGB Halos and Neopixel RGB strips.  We still recommend going to an auxiliary switch on the power side, but you can go direct to your battery and turn it off by using the app. The bluetooth receiver will still pull power if you go this route.

We package these with the sp110e bluetooth receiver which uses the amazing LED Hue app which is amongst the most stable of all lighting control apps on both Android and Apple IOS. It has full control of our RGBW halos and demon eyes including a true white channel. But you can easily swap out for other Bluetooth recievers which work off multiple apps for fun. Including the Sp105e and the Sp108e which you can hook up to music for a system that can react to music. You can easily find the Bluetooth recievers online or contact us for them. Pricing is roughy $20.00 for the recievers.