96-02 4Runner Locked Shock Package
96-02 4Runner Locked Shock Package
96-02 4Runner Locked Shock Package
96-02 4Runner Locked Shock Package
Locked Offroad

96-02 4Runner Locked Shock Package


IN STOCK READY TO SHIP, limited supply!

Locked Shocks are designed to handle anything you can throw at them. They are built with some of the highest quality materials to ensure a long shock life and reduce environmental wear. And now we can offer custom tuning from Locked, for no extra cost! (we will send you our Shock Tuning Questionnaire after purchase, it's easy don't worry)

This 3G4R suspension kit gives you the choice between 2.0" and 2.5" diameter shock bodies (shock body THICKNESS, not lift amount). Both options provide an adjustable 1-3 inches of lift, and are designed to maximize your 3rd Gen’s suspension travel and performance. These kits are considered extended travel (or ‘mid-travel’) and require aftermarket UCAs up front and extended bump stops and brake lines in the rear to function properly and safely.

Equipped with Buna seals, 4130 chromed and polished shafts, Black Zinc coated steel shock bodies, and 6061 Machined Aluminum coated in a deep black anodizing. Silver Hyperco 12in x 3in springs available in multiple rates.


  • Tuned specifically for YOUR build, using our tuning questionnaire
  • Adjustable ride height, with spanner wrench included
  • 100% bolt-on. Fully rebuildable, serviceable and tunable
  • Designed to increase wheel travel by up to 25% over stock
  • Linear piston and valving, for the best of both worlds

Current lead time: IN STOCK READY TO SHIP, limited supply!

Intended for off-highway use. Aftermarket front UCA and extended rear brake line required (sold separately). Locked shocks include a 100% 6-month warranty. Damage due to improper install or lack of limit straps not applicable.


Use the Chat Feature below (or call/email) if you have any questions!

Shock Body Sizes:

  • 2.0" - all the same high-quality Locked components you expect, but in a compact and wallet-friendly package. Good for factory-weight vehicles, light/moderate off-roading, and mall crawling.
  • 2.5" - increased oil capacity, with larger shafts and internals. This results in smoother operating, longer lasting, more durable shocks intended for purpose-built off-road vehicles and payload-bending overlanders.

Front Springs: 12x3in springs utilized (ranges provided for user preference.)

  • 550lb - factory load (closest to factory ride quality)
  • 600lb - factory to medium load (+50-150lbs added on front end)
  • 650lb - medium to HD load (+150lbs or less on front end)
  • 700lb - HD load only (+150lbs or more on front end)

Rear Springs: (lift height will vary based on multiple factors)

  • OME 906: 1-2" lift with 0-150 lbs over factory weight on rear end
  • OME 890: 2-3" lift with 0-150 lbs over factory weight on rear end
  • OME 891: 2-3" lift with 150-450 lbs over factory weight on rear end

Supportive Modifications: (recommendations will vary based on usage)

  • Upper Control Arms (required for these front coilovers)
  • Extended Rear Brake Line (brake lines make bad limit straps)
  • Panhard Correction Kit (recommended anytime you lift a 4Runner)
  • Front & Rear Bump Stops (eliminate harsh bumps, protect those new shocks)
  • Front Limit Straps (prevent coilover & CV damage due to overextension)
  • Sway Bar Endlinks (because your stock ones are going to break anyway)
  • Rear Adjustable Control Arms (correct rear pinion angle, prevent trail damage)
  • Strut Tower Reinforcements (towers eventually bend/crack under harsh use)
  • Spindle Gussets (common weak link, failure is as catastrophic as the LBJ)

Not all of these modifications are necessary for everyone. We can make recommendations based on your specific use case, just ask!