About Us

Thank you for visiting the Opt Offroad marketplace! What started as a family hobby has grown into a full-time operation.

Jason Harbert, the owner and founder of Opt Offroad, has been an avid off-roader most of his life. Years of "wheel, wrench, repeat" with his family taught him the value of high quality, problem-solving parts. During these years as a consumer and weekend warrior, he developed personal relationships with people in the industry, which organically just turned into business relationships over time. Meanwhile the hobby YouTube account spread onto other social media platforms, and the relationships solidified and grew. Then in 2019, OPTOFFROAD.com was launched on Black Friday. The support from the community has been overwhelming and humbling to say the least. We could not do what we do without that support, and we strive every day to honor it with integrity and transparency.

Since our launch, many new vendors large and small have been added to the Opt Offroad marketplace. Some of them have even been launched and grown right here. But the vision and cornerstone of this small business has remained the same since day one. "Buy cool stuff, keep trails open" is more than a tag line. It's what we're all about, and it's only possible because of loyal customers like you! Every order you place includes a contribution to CORVA, to help protect trail access for off-road recreation. So on behalf of the Opt Offroad family and all our small business partners, THANK YOU!

Specializing in off-road parts for Toyota trucks, the Opt Offroad marketplace brings custom parts from small shops and fabricators, all to one place. Suspension and long travel kits, WIY parts, armor, and accessories for off-roaders, rock crawlers, prerunners, overlanders, and mall crawlers.