Rebuild Kit: Rear Adjustable Control Arm (96-02 4Runner, Uppers)
Rebuild Kit: Rear Adjustable Control Arm (96-02 4Runner, Uppers)
Rebuild Kit: Rear Adjustable Control Arm (96-02 4Runner, Uppers)
Rebuild Kit: Rear Adjustable Control Arm (96-02 4Runner, Uppers)

Rebuild Kit: Rear Adjustable Control Arm (96-02 4Runner, Uppers)

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Those Johnny Joints are tough, but (like almost everything else on an off-road vehicle) they are a "wear item" and won't last forever. But, one of the great things about Johnny Joints is that they are serviceable! Maintenance is key! Get yourself some rebuild kits and a tube of fresh grease, along with an assembly tool while you're at it. Complete new joints are available as well.

Compatibility: 3rd Gen (96-02) 4Runner UPPER arm only. If you are rebuilding one of our other rear arm kits, use the specific pages in this collection. Thank you!

Note: Opt Offroad Rear Adjustable Upper Control Arms are equipped with narrow body joints on both end. Rebuild kits will include the necessary components to rebuild/replace all four joints accordingly. If you want to rebuild/replace less than all four joints, please contact us and we will help you directly!


Assembly Tool Information:

The RockJock® Johnny Joint® Tool is designed to make assembly and disassembly of a 2” Johnny Joint Rod End simple! For Johnny Joint rebuilds & repairs, this tool can be used either in a bench vise, or it is compact enough that it may also be used for on-the-vehicle jobs, on or off the trail!

Tool Fits:

  • 2” Narrow Body Johnny Joints – All Styles
  • 2” Standard Body Johnny Joints – All Styles

Tool Features:

  • Easily assembles and disassembles Johnny Joints
  • CNC Machined Heat Treated Steel Components
  • 3/8"-16 all-thread, and premium thrust bearings
  • Flats machined on the base for ease of locking the tool into a vice
  • Washer that retains all components for storage

Tool Instructions: TAP HERE // How-To Video: TAP HERE


Johnny Joint Grease Information:

RockJock's premium quality, long lasting grease has be proven in all of our own competition and recreational vehicles over the last 15+ years. Non-moly greases eventually dry up and cause squeaking, friction and component wear. We only use and recommend moly grease for maximum longevity and smooth quiet operation of components.

RockJock® grease is a high-moly based petroleum lubrication that is specially formulated to reduce friction and increase performance while extending the life of your Johnny Joint® Rod Ends. Includes one 14oz tube of grease, fits in a standard grease gun.