Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)
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Extended Outboard Shock Relocation (OSR+)

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Like a standard OSR, but bigger! If you haven't already reviewed the standard OSR page, stop reading now and tap HERE to review the entire OSR page first.

The Extended Outboard Shock Relocation, aka the OSR+ kit, is the same as the standard OSR except that the hoop is 1.5 inches taller, which means that the entire shock body is mounted higher compared to the standard OSR kit. This results in one added requirement and one added benefit.

OSR+ Requirements: In order to clear the taller hoop, the OSR+ requires a body lift of 1 inch or more. If you aren't familiar with the concept of body lifts, or just not quite sure how to feel about them, tap HERE to read an article from Eimkeith. There are several benefits of running a body lift on the 3rd Gen 4Runner (aside from OSR+ compatibility), and Keith sums them up very well.

OSR+ Benefits: (pick one or the other, depending on build)

  • (a) more ground clearance, due to higher mounting position top & bottom
  • (b) install a 14in shock instead of the typical 10 or 12in OSR shock options**

**12 Inch shocks are the safe limitation for stock rear geometry! 14in shocks or longer can only be safely used AFTER you have upgraded your rear geometry (with the FGP 3-Link for example). Upgrading the rear arms (like our stock replacement Adjustable Rear Control Arms) does NOT count as upgrading the rear geometry.**

View your shock choices here: SHOCKS FOR YOUR OSR!

OR you can go big: BYPASSES FOR YOUR OSR!

The OSR+ is designed to be compatible with any spring and smoothbody shock with a 10, 12, or 14 inch stroke, though the ideal OSR+ setup will be a 12” shock.

A 10” shock works, but will sacrifice wheel travel and is only recommended for 0-2” lift. For shock diameter, a 2.5” is best, but will require frame modification and potentially more wheel backspacing. 2.0" diameter shocks do not require frame modification. Recommended additional parts for 4Runners: tall springs (LC 7 or 8 wraps for lighter trucks, OME 861s for heavy trucks), DuroBumps 5.25” and Opt Offroad rear control arms. For Tacomas, a taller leafpack (or at least an add-a-leaf), and a set of DuroBumps 4.25" will do the trick. Make sure your ideal/planned bump stop setup is already in place before OSR install!

For 2.0 shocks, a minimum 3.5” wheel backspacing is recommended for tire clearance. Example: if you have 4.5” BS wheels, you will need 1” spacers to bring it down to 3.5”. 2.5in shocks require minimum 3" backspace.

What's included:

  • Upper extended shock hoops
  • Upper shock mount tabs 
  • Frame plates & end caps
  • Lower shock mount tabs (4Runner kit)
  • Lower shock towers (Tacoma kit)


  • Weld it yourself, or have it shipped pre-assembled for $200.
  • Add reservoir mounts & hardware for $29.
  • Add frame notch plates (for clearing 2.5" diameter shocks) for $29

View the install video HERE

Current Lead Time:

WIY kits: 4-8 weeks. Preassembled kits: 6-12 weeks. ALL SALES FINAL.

If you would like to arrange for pickup and/or install at FGP in Montclair, please let us know in the order comments (or contact us before ordering) and we will send you a custom invoice. Thanks!