KDSS Spacer Kit
KDSS Spacer Kit
KDSS Spacer Kit
KDSS Spacer Kit
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KDSS Spacer Kit



A KDSS-equipped 4Runner or GX can encounter some issues after the install of a lift with extended travel shocks. At full droop, the rear suspension travel is limited by the sway bar contacting your track bar. This could cause damage, but it also causes binding and loss of travel from your rear suspension. That problem is eliminated with our rear drop kit. Our kits change the rotation axis points, and the result is a contact free rear suspension at full droop. While our front drop kit will help put your sway bar back to its intended factory position. This will in turn allow you to utilize more of your suspension travel. 

Does this kit fix the KDSS lean? Not entirely, but it does help with this issue. A KDSS-equipped vehicle is a system that’s designed to work both sway bars together off a single articulating cylinder that’s located on the front driver side. This system works with fluid transfer based on the vehicle speed. When lifted, the rigid links in the KDSS don’t extend, and this causes the “KDSS lean”. Adding this kit will dramatically reduce the lean, and in some cases will eliminate the lean all together.


  • Fits these vehicles equipped with KDSS-
    • 2010+ 4Runner
    • 2003+ GX470
    • 2010+ GX460
  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • All kits include Grade 10.9 JIS Flange Bolts