2.5" Bump Stop Kit: Pin Style - OPT OFF ROAD
Locked Offroad

2.5" Bump Stop Kit: Pin Style


Locked Bump Stops are designed to handle anything you can throw at them. They are built out of some of the highest quality materials to ensure a long shock life and reduce environmental wear.

Built using Buna seals, 4130 Chromed polished shafts, Black Zinc coated steel shock bodies, 6061 Machined Aluminum coated in a deep black anodizing.

Locked Offroad stands behind their products 100% and offers a one year warranty on non wearable parts and a 6 month warranty on wearable parts.

Intended for off-highway use. Average build time 4-6wks, but contact us for accurate and updated timeframes as some products are on-shelf ready to ship.



PAIR OF 2.5 BUMP STOPS with 2.5" or 4" of travel

    • BUMP STOP:

      • 2.5” diameter body 
      • 1.58" shafts
      • 2.5" or 4.0" stroke length
      • Shafts are hard-chromed, preventing rusting and essentially creating a self-cleaning system. Shafts are also polished to a mirror-like finish, ensuring extended seal life.
      • Shraeder cap mounts directly to the body of the bump stop, not the valve, creating a stronger seal, keeping everything clean and dry by keeping out dirt and moisture.
      • O-ring on shaft gauges your travel
      • Secure indexing pin prohibits the outside of the tube from pinching
      • Delrin contact pad is mounted with a single flushmount design, protecting your suspension and insuring quiet operation, with no metal on metal contact. 


      • Heavy-duty mounting sleeves, come ready to weld
      • Pin-style cans hold the bump stop around the entire diameter, providing 360° coverage without any pinching like traditional pinch-style cans
      • Sleeves built to allow room for shrinkage during the welding process
      • Indexing holes are laser cut and keep bump stop securely in place within the can